40MHz Spark Gap Behavior

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  Terry -

  Don't forget that Tesla coils can magnify power but not energy. Enormous
continuous energy in the TC requires enormous energy from the electric
utility company. The TC cannot lose 0.2 joules (energy) with only .034
joules to begin with unless energy is stored. However, a small amount of
energy can produce a very large burst of power and this is what happens in a
Tesla coil..

  John Couture


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>Subject:  40MHz Spark Gap Behavior
>Hi All,
>	I have shielded my voltage probe against the radiation from the current
>spikes and it is now working properly.  I can now see the actual voltage
>across the gap during the firing cycle which has given me a much better
>understanding of what I have been observing.  The voltage probe and the
>current transmitter are now in die-cast boxes that are sealed with copper
>tape (that stuff really does work).  The voltage probe now only shows little
>glitches at the current spikes (these probably are real voltage glitches).
>The current spikes still remain very difficult to quantify.  Their energy is
>enormous and not only do they have a heavy 50MHz content but I now believe
>they have much higher frequency components that also contain enormous
>energy.  This is playing havoc with the frequency response of the current

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>	Terry