Re: feed thru insulators (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 07:52:28 -0400
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Subject: Re: feed thru insulators (fwd)

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> Subject: feed thru insulators
> i unpotted my neons and am gathering materials to construct new housings.
> so far i only have some .25" plexiglass (lucite)  i plan on using plastic
> L-bar and nylon nuts&bolts along with acrylic cement to secure the lucite
> pieces together.  so far that seems to be no problem to me.  but i am
> having a problem finding feed-thru insulators for the HV output.  the only
> place i found that sells them is Daburn, but they don't sell them in
> quantities less than 10.  I've seen them at the nebraska surplus web site,
> but they are too large.  i was looking in the range of 1-2".  where can i
> get these from?  if i can't, are there any other comparable methods?  
> thanks, kevin

If you are making your box out of plexiglass, you can do without the
usual ceramic HV bushings. The plexiglass is an excellent HV
insulator. The bushings were originally needed to feed the HV 
through the metal case. In a plastic case they are un-necessary.
But they *do* look nice! Just feed a 1/4" or larger diameter
bolt through the case and use that as your connection.

Always analyze your construction details first in terms of
actual *function*. Once you have taken that into account you
can expand on the idea and make the form itself look spiffy.
But *function* is the all-important factor that comes first
and must never be compromised.

Hope this helps.
Fr. Tom Mcgahee