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Subject: Re: Thyratron switched coils (fwd)

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> Subject: Thyratron switched coils
> hi all
>       I must say  these h2 thyratrons  sound like fun.  I imagine they must cost
> a fortune new. I am good at finding the weird and wonderfull but I dont think I
> have come across these anywhere. What sort of equipment would they be found in?
> High power RF heaters used in the heat treatment industry maybe. Any UK sources?
> Are they viable on small coils? They sound easier than trying to build a RSG and
> a good bit safer. I can cope with burnt skin better than exploding rotors.
> bob golding lightning without rain
> bob yubba-at-clara-dot-net


I've found most of mine at Hamfests, where many seem to be "pulls" from
pulsed laser systems. On occasion, they also appear on the Web in some
of the "for sale" and ham areas.

-- Bert --