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You might be able to use the chewing gum wrappers to make capacitors, and
the batteries have a carbon core you could use for a carbon arc spark
gap.... heh, heh, just kidding!   :)

Check out Ed Sonderman's Tesla Spreadsheet for Excel at
http://www.pupman-dot-com, it will make the math much easier.

Bruce Martin

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>Hey Barton! (and other "coilers")
>     I'm reading and researching (as best I can, being a musician-pseudo
>'lectronic tech) to build my first coil, and I'm really fired up 'bout
>building it.
>     Any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated, since my novice
>status is. real. 
>     I've got a 9,000 volt neon transformer, and I'm trying to decide what
>gear I need and could start with, to learn how build a working TC. There's so
>much I don't know, it's mind boggling. 
>     I'm willing to start with flashlight batteries and chewing gum wrappers,
>if that makes more sense, but I'm determined to build one, so I'd love to hear
>from you.
>     Thanks in advance to all of you for your advise,  and for your posts and
>info: it's great!
>      -Michael Robinson