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 Subject: feed thru insulators
 i unpotted my neons and am gathering materials to construct new housings.
 so far i only have some .25" plexiglass (lucite)  i plan on using plastic
 L-bar and nylon nuts&bolts along with acrylic cement to secure the lucite
 pieces together.  so far that seems to be no problem to me.  but i am
 having a problem finding feed-thru insulators for the HV output.  the only
 place i found that sells them is Daburn, but they don't sell them in
 quantities less than 10.  I've seen them at the nebraska surplus web site,
 but they are too large.  i was looking in the range of 1-2".  where can i
 get these from?  if i can't, are there any other comparable methods?  
 thanks, kevin

Since you are using acrylic for the case, just drill a 1/4" hole in each end
and mount brass bolts for the connection terminals.

Ed Sonderman