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Hi John,
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It will take a while.  Nice story.  200 foot diameter gold plated 

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 Tarin felt the mud squish between his toes as he left the tepid water
 and headed towards the arena.  It was getting dark but the heat was
 still unbearable.  He walked slowly past the battlements, and then
 onto the causeway.  It was completely dark by the time Tarin
 reached the almost filled arena and found an available seat.
 No one spoke as they looked across the vast expanse of the arena,
 towards the central coil and its monstrous toroidal topload.  Tarin
 knew the coil was 200 feet tall and that the gold plated toroid was
 200 feet in diameter.  He took out his binoculars for a better look,
 and spied spark gap assembly, and the power supply  unit.  Tarin
 knew what these were called, but he did not understand their function.

 At last a figure appeared at the base of the coil.  Everyone knew it
 was the Coruup.  Through his binoculars, Tarin could see the Coruup's
 ash-white face and silver garments.  The Coruup seemed to float from
 place to place at the base of the tower, occasionally raising his arms
 with a mysterious flourish.

 Gradually, a low rumbling was felt which eventually increased until
 it seemed the earth would split in two.  Suddenly a cold white light
 flickered at the coil's base and Tarin knew this was caused by some
 kind of electrical arc within the spark gap.  The light seemed to reflect
 from the Coruup, accentuating his fluid movements and flourishes.
 Then small needling steamers spiked outwards from the toroid to meet
 the darkness.  The Coruup waved his hands and the white arcs
 lengthened as the sound of thunder filled the arena.  The lightning
 bolts lashed above the onlookers with incessant fury.  The spectators
 shivered and trembled despite the searing heat of the night.  As the
 Coruup moved his arms, he seemed to control the crashing thunder-
 bolts, lifting them to ever increasing brightness and frenzied activity.

 As Tarin watched, the Coruup rose into the air, as if lifted by a giant
 hand.  Higher and higher he rose, until at last a giant arc-bolt struck
 him, then scattered around his glowing form in a star shaped pattern.
 The multitudes could feel the telepathic powers of the Coruup
 within their minds.  They could feel the unyielding strength and
 un-matchable power of the Coruup himself.  The Coruup began to
 drift from bolt to bolt, hovering within each streamer, seemingly
 energized by its power, or perhaps giving power to the streamers.
 Then he began to dart and flow through and along the streamers,
 swooping outwards towards the onlookers, only to lunge inward
 again towards the toroid.

 Tarin could feel the Coruup's command within his own mind as the
 Coruup willed the terrible arcs downward until they splashed against
 the multitudes.  As the onlookers were struck by the awesome bolts,
 they were filled with the Coruup's power, and they too were able to lift
 themselves into the air and into the arc-streamers, and join the Coruup's
 aerial dance within the streamers.  Tarin felt weightless as the sparks
 lifted him into the air and the electricity stimulated his entire being. 
 and the others would have been vaporized if not for the Coruup's
 protective powers.  In time, all the spectators joined in the aerial 
 twirling and darting, ghost-like, within the steamers. The could feel the
 energy and mental powers of the Coruup within themselves.  They
 could feel the energy of the arc-streamers and the Coruup's mind
 renewing them, physically and mentally.

 At last they felt the Coruup's mind releasing its grip upon them.  They
 clung, but he pulled away, gradually but relentlessly.  The multitudes
 were eased down to their seats, and the mental bond was broken.
 The numbing sounds and lights weakened and died, and the Coruup
 stood once again at the coil's base.

 The multitudes knew that their rejuvenation would sustain them until
 next year's spectacle.  Brimming with Teslarian and Coruupian energy,
 Tarin stepped smartly into the night, impervious to the blistering summer

 John Freau