Re: AMIDON toroids?? (fwd)

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Subject: Re: AMIDON toroids?? (fwd)

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We usually apply 4-5 turns on the ferrite before the resistor in series
with the HV bushing.  This helps clip some of the higher freq RF feedback. 
The easiest way to insulate it is to not really insulate the toroid and
windings itself at all.  Just use a nylon bolt to attach it to the top of a
4 in long x 3/4 in dia piece of delrin or other suitable plastic.  Cut a
few notches in the delrin to make the creepage path longer if necessary. 
We use a small 2 x 2 inch piece of flat plastic on top to the toroid to
clamp it down to the top of the delrin rod.  Works well this way.


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> Subject: Re:  AMIDON toroids?? (fwd)
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> 	These would all be absolutely worthless as cores for chokes
> for NST protection (in my opinion, by the way, chokes are more a
> liability than an asset in this application).  Core area iw
> is way, way too small to support the voltages involved, and
> besides I don't know of any way to wind a toroid so that it
> will have the several thousand volts insulation which is required.
> Ed