Re: Practial uses for a Tesla Coil ;-) (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Practial uses for a Tesla Coil ;-) (fwd)

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>Subject: Practial uses for a Tesla Coil ;-)
>From: David Dean <deano-at-corridor-dot-net>
>>Back in 1978 I lived in a small apartment. I had a next door neighbor
>>with a Panasonic stereo. He would play the thing real loud late into the
>>night...  I wound up a coil of 18awg automotive primary wire about 24
>>turns, about 18 inches in diameter.  I hooked this coil up in series with
>>the primary and the spark gap. Then I turned on the coil for a few
>>seconds. Silence... <snip>
>The next time anyone ask about practical uses for Tesla Coils, I'll have
>to remember this one..  What a gem!
>Gary Lau
>Waltham, MA USA


  Gary -

  Before you misuse a Tesla coil or any electronic device read Part 15 of
the FCC Rules which are available on the Internet. Damages can land you in a
lawsuit and in a court of law just like the misuse of your car..

  John Couture