Bert Pool's Photo's (fwd)

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Thanks for the kind words Chuck and thanks to Bert for posting the 

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> Subject: Bert Pool's Photo's
> Bert:
> Thanks for posting all the photographs of your visit with Malcolm and his
> shop.  It's always of great interest for me to see other's work and results.
> Chuck Curran

In all fairness, I should point out that this is the coil where 
*everything* is done wrong:

- braid connecting the bottom of the secondary to the lathe :(
- low inductance primary :(
- large primary cap :(
- dinky transformer :(
- stranded connecting wires in the primary :(
- unsealed thickwall PVC drainpipe for a secondary former :(
- 9" sphere for a topload :(

Still, it goes, although it goes *much* better with more Lp and a much 
larger topload. Unfortunately the sphere was the only topload I had 
here at the time Bert called in.