Magnifier 13 report (fwd)

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Sent:  Sunday, April 26, 1998 6:57 PM
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Subject:  Re: Magnifier 13 report (fwd)

>> Malcolm,
>> I realize that this is indeed the Corums mode of operation.  The coil,
>> unfortunately seems to be un tunable!!  I have not tried the micro critical
>> tune that Tesla noted though and will hook in an antenna tuner coil to
>> carefully vary that parameter and get back to everyone with a report.
>> Richard Hull, TCBOR
>It *would* be untunable because the primary is not ringing 
>sympathetically with the secondary system. You should be able to run 
>the primary like this with any tuning according to C&C. Given that, 
>it would be interesting to see how different primary "frequencies" 
>give different results if any. Again, I would be interested to see a 
>cmparison of output for this mode of operation vs that of a ringing 
>primary. It would be even more interesting to compare scoped output 
>(no breakout) with scoped output for the normal gap given all else 
>remains the same.
>Thanks again,

yeah, I know, I mentioned the above as the reason in my first and original
post on Maggey 13, but a lot of folks are having trouble believing it.  Some
of our own people in the TCBOR  pointed there fingers that tuning was taking
place as the spark output diminished as I tuned out on the primary from 34uh
to 80 uh.  I had to explain that that was due to the increased surge
impedance of the tank and not any frequency change.  A few of our less
informed people still didn't like the thought.   Alas, it is more like a
radio transmitter and less like a Tesla coil.  A great radiator though.  I
gotta back to back a pair of tubes and custom fire those babies.

I just picked up a Hewlett Packard 214A pulse generator at a recent hamfest
for $10.00 with manual.  Nice big tube unit of about 50 lbs and rack
mounted.  It will extend the capabilities of the H2 firing a great deal!

It has the proper 50 ohm output impedance and can have rep rates from 10hz
up to 1mhz.  Pulse duration, delay, and position are independently
adjustable from nanoseconds to milliseconds.  It can be remote triggered,
gated, or single shot fired.  Yields positive and negative pulses up to 100
voilts in amplitude.

Richard Hull, TCBOR