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 Stupid Question: Who is Richard Quick? , and what is the design of his
 spark gap?

Richard Quick is something of a Tesla coil expert and early legend on this
list.  He helped me a great deal with many problems that I ran into a couple
of years ago when I was building my 6" coil.  In fact, he helped a lot of
folks get started in this hobby.  I bought his video and talked to him on the
phone a couple of times - nice guy. I think he may not be active in the hobby
nor still even monitoring this list.

The spark gap known as a RQ gap is made up of copper pipe sections mounted
inside a 6" or 8" pvc pipe section that is cut to maybe 10 or 12" long.  These
gaps work great and instructions to build them can be found at the ftp site.

Ed Sonderman

[NOTE: He is still on the list. -- Chip]