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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 16:06:04 EDT
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<< Subject: RQ spark gaps.
 Hi all
    Just a quick qustion about the Richard Quick type static gap.
 My Freind Dr B is building one for our small coil and he wants to know 
 if it is advisable to sand and varnish the inside of the main body.
 And also should the copper tubes be pollished.
 Cheers Mick Tucknott..

I have two of these R Q gaps and they work well.  I did not do anything to
prepare the inside of the pvc pipe section except to sand the areas where the
copper pipe sections mount so the epoxy would stick.  I used two brass bolts
to hold each copper pipe section and also applied quiet a bit of epoxy to
each, mostly around the bolt holes.  Be sure to use bolts that are long enough
so you can make connections to any of the sections.  You will find this useful
later sometime.

I cut the copper pipe sections with a large tubing cutter so the ends are
slightly tapered.  I also sanded the ends and used fine steel wool to polish
the pipe sections. 

Ed Sonderman