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<< Question:
 I have a description of a couple of pigs that are available, but I am
 confused, and would like to get a translation from those that are
 more familiar with the beast:
 Primary is listed as 14400/24940Y, there is an impeadance listed,
 and for taps, there are (+, -, N, J) listed.
 I am trying to translate this notation.
 Specifically: what is the 24940Y?
               What are the various tap listing mean? 
                  I assume - is none, but perhaps that is what N is?
 Also, the possibility exists to pick up a 3KVA unit, in place of 
 the 5KVA.
 I am assuming the smaller unit would be easier to move about,
 but I want to make sure I can push it as hard as I  think I can.
 the 3KVA unit could be run at as high as 6KVA, yes?
 [Or should I just bite the bullet, and live with the larger
 size of the 5KVA unit?]
 I know, always go for more power, but I need to make it fit in the garage
 too :)

I don't know what the numbers stand for.  I would go for the 5 kva unit.  I
have one and made a small stand to sit in on that has casters on the bottom.
Definitely too heav to lift.  Make sure it is a two bushing transformer.  I
have run mine as high as 8 kva and it does not even get warm.

Ed Sonderman