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 Greetings all,
 Yesterday was another meeting of the Greater Niwot Area Tesla Society.
 Hollingsworth came over and we fired up my 9" coil for the first time.  
 The larger toroid probably had a beneficial effect, but I can't say
 for sure because it effectively decreased the distance between any
 grounded object and the coil.  I was basically running an RF jacobs
 ladder between a piece of grounded pipe and the toroid.
 I guess the next thing is to put the coil outside and really throttle
 it up to see what it's capable of.  Next I'll start fiddling with it
 to see how I can increase the output.
 Chip >>


Congratulations on the new coil.  I would think maybe 100" sparks or longer
might be in the making.  What do you have for a power supply?

Ed Sonderman