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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 19:13:48 EDT
From: Homer Lea <HomerLea-at-aol-dot-com>
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>      A young coiler, Shaun O'Brien of Enid, Oklahoma, offered some parts for
>  sale over his Tesla web site.

To David and anyone else who has this problem there are several things you
 should try. 

This person is soliciting money to be sent via US mail. Complain to the postal
 inspectors that this person is fraudulently soliciting payments. They can stop
 delivery of his mail although the wonít if this is the only complaint they

Write a letter to the District Attorney in the county where you sent the
 payment and complain that this person has stolen $$$ from you. Give all the

Complain to his service provider that he is using his website for fraudulent
 purposes. The next person defrauded can sue them if they donít take action.

He has no doubt used a telephone line to send his e-mail and operate his
 website so he has violated probably several Federal laws. There are several
 avenues to pursue here with the telephone company and the Feds.

While it is difficult to get anyone to take action against this type of fraud
 if you follow enough avenues of complaint you may get some action and at least
 create some records that can come back to bite this person later.

Jim Heagy