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Hi Adam,

  Metal conductor ignition cable is what is needed for coiling.
The carbon impregnated fiber is the high resistance / noise 
suppression  stuff ---- & is usually the stuff of which the
ready made ignition wiring kits are made.


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 Now, i'm kind of curious.  How much resistance are we talking?  I went to 
 the local auto parts store (the small business kind, with an old guy 
 behind a counter with shelves of parts), and asked him for some "normal" 
 ignition system hookup wire.  He had mostly kits of full wiring systems, 
 but the stuff he had in bulk looks like stranded 14 gauge copper with 
 about .120" of black rubber over it.  It measures 0.0 ohms for 5 feet, 
 and I can't see anything unusual about it.  It's definitely not what I 
 would condsider "performance" cable either- I've seen that stuff and it's 
 not 8 cents a foot. 
 So the question is: is the resistance really supposed to be in the wire 
 itself, or is there a resistor moulded into the end plug perhaps? Seems 
 to me that if you wanted #14 wire with a constant non-neglegible 
 resistance per linear foot, it would have to be made of something other 
 than copper.