Re: Variac

From: 	Alfred C. Erpel[SMTP:aerpel-at-op-dot-net]
Sent: 	Sunday, January 04, 1998 6:27 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	Re: Variac

>From: Edward V. Phillips[SMTP:ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu]

>Solid-state dimmer switches are in NO WAY a suitable substitute
>for a variac in capacitor-charging service!  Intended for more or less
>resistive loads.


    Thanks for the warning.  I found their web site.
    Could you take a look and see if anything about what they say leads you
to think differently, and if not, could you explain the reasoning behind not
using these devices in a TC tank circuit?

Alfred Erpel