Re: Cable? Resistance.

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Subject: 	Cable? Resistance.

The resistance is in the sparkplug itsself. They're called resistor plugs
and nearly every vehicle sold in this country for the last 20 years has used
them. If the wire has a stranded core, (and if it measures 0 ohms,) then it's
not resistance wire. Old resistance type wire is becoming as popular as
model T coils - Still available, just not used much anymore

Daniel Hess
>"So the question is: is the resistance really supposed to be in the wire
>itself, or is there a resistor moulded into the end plug perhaps? Seems
>to me that if you wanted #14 wire with a constant non-neglegible
>resistance per linear foot, it would have to be made of something other
>than copper.
>šIT IS!  Some form of string-like material seemingly impregnated
>with carbon.