Re: DC Tesla Coil

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Sent: 	Monday, January 05, 1998 4:40 AM
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Subject: 	Re: DC Tesla Coil

Alfred C. Erpel wrote:

> GL> The reactive power in any tank circuit is given by Ec x Fres,
> GL> and the circuit will resonate only at that reactive power level.
> GL> Ec will _always_ equal El at resonance by definition, regardless
> GL> of the component values or frequency.
>     I'm lost because I don't know what EC and Fres above mean.

cap energy and res freq

> GL>You are assuming that 1 ohm is the optimum surge impedance
> GL>for the tank circuit here.  In reality, Zsurge should be
> GL>about 30 to 50 times higher than the Rgap, in order to
> GL>obtain good performance.
>     I don't know enough to assume too much, just barely enough to know that
> I don't know a lot.<smile> What do you mean by surge impedance and why
> should it be 30 to 50 times the gap resistance?

Zsurge=6.28*Fres*Lpri.  Zsurge >> Rgap, for good loaded Qprimary