Re: Variac

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    Thanks for the warning.  I found their web site.
    Could you take a look and see if anything about what they say leads you
to think differently, and if not, could you explain the reasoning behind not
using these devices in a TC tank circuit?

Alfred Erpe"

	These are TRIAC dimmers, which work by varying the conduction
angle of the waveform.  They are advertised as working with neon
transformers, which are inherently current-limited (unless you
resonate them with the tank capacitance).  It would be worth trying
one with such a transformer, if you feel that you want to vary
the output of a neon transformer powered system.  I suspect, though
I can't prove it, that they would cave in fast if you tried to use
one with a pole pig, which was how I interpreted the original post.\
In any event, they are a completely different form of beast from
a variable autotransformer, and nowhere near as rugged.