Re: NST Power Factor?

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The difference in cost is probably due to the inclusion of a PF
correcting capacitor in the primary circuit of the HPF model. There
would be no advantage (or difference) to using the HPF tranny. HPF
models are used in situations where there are dozens of transformers
being used for a large commercial sign or the like, where the power
company keeps track of the power factor of the load. This only occurs
with large industrial or commercial customers NOT with residential
customers. Hope this helps.


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> Subject:        NST Power Factor?
> Transco makes their NSTs in "normal" power factor, and "high" power
> factor versions.  VA ratings are the same, but HPF transformers cost more.
> What's the difference?  I've been running a Transco outdoor-type NST
> rated 15kv-at-30ma, "normal" power factor.  It seems to work fine.
> Greg
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