Re: NST Power Factor?

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>Transco makes their NSTs in "normal" power factor, and "high" power
>factor versions.  VA ratings are the same, but HPF transformers cost more. 
>What's the difference?  I've been running a Transco outdoor-type NST
>rated 15kv-at-30ma, "normal" power factor.  It seems to work fine. 

The High PF units have a built-in capacitor wired across the primary.  
This corrects the power factor from 40-50% range up to 90% (minimum) as 
required by UL for the "High power factor" rating. The HPF units are sold 
to businesses that would otherwise be surcharged by the power company for 
having a low overall PF.

Using these will not save you any money, but they will draw substantially 
less current and help you extend your variac's capability to drive 
multiple transformers.  Also, with a 660VAC oil cap of appropriate value, 
any "normal PF" neon can be similarly corrected.  


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