Re: Primary Capacitor Protection

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Sent: 	Tuesday, January 06, 1998 12:05 PM
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Subject: 	Primary Capacitor Protection

I have asked a couple of times on this list for opinions on how wide I can set
the safety gap on my C.P. capacitor - and received no advice.  I think folks
out there are reluctant to offer advice on this subject as they don't want to
feel responsible if I should destroy another C.P. capacitor.

I posed the question directly to Condenser Products and received a reply
yesterday.  W.I. Mason, President, responded " 1/2" gap spacing equates to
approximately 38.5 KV peak voltage.  To be safe and within capacitor limits, I
would make the gap 3/8" (31 KV max).  The capacitor is designed for maximum of
34 KV peak including safety."

The capacitor that I have is p/n TC253-34-300 and is from the last group
purchase.  With all the problems that I am currently having with my system, I
am convinced that the first two caps died from overvoltage resulting from a
resonance problem between the pole pig and the cap.  I have the gap currently
set at 5/8" (which is about 67% wider than he recommends) and cannot input
full power to the system.

My plan at this stage is to reduce the gap to 1/2" and rewire the primary to
add resistance and see what happens.

Ed Sonderman