First rolled cap

From: 	Raymond C. Howes[SMTP:rchowes-at-email.msn-dot-com]
Sent: 	Tuesday, January 06, 1998 7:11 PM
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Subject: 	First rolled cap

Hi all
I'm patiently waiting to use my first rolled cap.
I had to build it a little different, and hoping it works.
2 pcs  10'x14" aluminum flashing
18 pcs  .006 mil poly between flashing ,16" wide leaving 1" around edges ,36
rolled it to a piece of 4" pvc pipe, rolled smooth and tight.
Used Zip ties(cable ties) to hold it together wraped around and thru the 4"
Fits nicely in a little larger than 5 gallon bucket found on a construction
Grabbed a couple of buckets while I was at it. Empty of course.
Had a hard time finding oil for the cap. FPL here in florida dont really
deal with
people to well. Found some mineral oil in gallon buckets at a farm supply
vet Grade.Didnt have to pay taxes on it, sold as animal medical supplies.
With roll in bucket ,oil covered it with an inch to spare over the top. Cut
2 bucket bottoms out and cut centers to slide over coil so it wouldnt move
around in bucket.
Left everything out in the shed with a boombox babysitting with some loud
(I live on some acreage and the nearest house is more than 5 acres away)
hopefully I'll be able to use it next week.
I don't have a variac, so should I break in this cap? and how?
It will be used with 2 15kv -at- 30 ma trannies for now. I sure hope I didnt
waist my time doing this, but live and learn the hard way I guess.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks   Ray   rchowes-at-msn-dot-com