FW: What kind of transformer is this?

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> Subject:        What kind of transformer is this?
> G'day,
> I recently came across an ad on http://bro-dot-net/barc/forsale.html for some
> high "current or voltage sensing" transformers.  They sound very heavy
> duty.  What does this transformer do, and is it useful for Tesla work?
> Description follows... Chris Crochet
> ---
> HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSFORMERS/CASES: I have at least 50 HV current or voltage
> sensing transformers. They measure 5" x 6" x 7" tall with two 3" long
> porcelain feedthru insulators sticking out opposite sides. Also has a
> 4-terminal barrier strip on top. I de-potted one of them using a small heat
> gun but only found three small toroids, a diode bridge and small cap. and
> lots of glass marbles and resin. The case itself is 1/8" thick solid
> aluminum plate with a 1/16" thick gray rubber coating on inside and out (
> the top is removable ) and may be useful for housing your own HV project if
> you can economically de-pot the inside. The feedthrus have 1/4"-20 x 5"
> long long solid copper threaded studs with brass nuts on each end. Unit
> weighs 16 lbs. Asking $7.00 each or 2/$12 plus shipping from S.E. Alabama.
> Email or call 334-347-5281.
> W. Worley <worley-at-snowhill-dot-com>
> Enterprise, AL USA - Monday, January 05, 1998 at 14:45:58 (CST)
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  dear chris,

what you've probably found is what they call measure-transformers used to
measure high voltages or currents. The covert the high voltages and /or
currents to lower values for  regular measure equipement sensitive in regulare
ranges such as 0-1 amp or 0-1000 V.