Re: X-ray xfmr oil available

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> > Subject:        Re: X-ray xfmr oil available
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>  > castor oil has a higher dielectric constant than xfmr oil. will that make
> it
>  > heat up if i use it to make a tesla cap? i don't want to drain one of my 
> 60kv
>  > discharge caps to make a tesla cap if someone knows it won't work. i have
>  > plenty of them but it would be a lot of work.
>  > 
>  >   jim heagy, who never actually learned to type in the last 55yr.
>  Jim,
>  Castor oil not only has a high dielectric constant, but is also has
>  relatively low dielectric loss - in fact it has minimal loss between
>  50,000 and 200,000 hertz... JUST right for Tesla Coil caps!! Also, your
>  pulse caps MAY be usable as Tesla Coil caps if disassembled and
>  reconfigured. These caps are typically constructed from multiple series
>  (and sometimes paralelled) sections. Have you tried disassembling one of
>  them??
>  -- Bert --
i have not opened one up. they are in thick steel cases.when i get one apart i
will report to the tesla list.

jim heagy