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> I have been researching TC's for about a year now but have finally finished
> building my first Tesla coil.  I am getting 49" streamers with seldom strikes
> at 52".  I would like to thank everyone on the list for their contributions.


Congratulations on first light!! From the description above, the output
you're seeing is in the right ballpark. A couple of things could be done
to increase the performance. First, at this power level, you may want to
try using a vacuum gap to get better quenching. Also, increasing the
size of the tank capacitance may help a bit. The downside is that
increased sparklength may cause you to take more hits to the strikerail
that's above the primary. You are using a strikerail...?? :^)

Finally, you may see improved performance by going to a larger radius
of curvature on your toroid so that you can hold off more voltage before
breakout. Try going to a 6" x 24 or so... 

Safe coilin' to you, Rusty!

-- Bert --