Flyback Converter

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Subject: 	Flyback Converter

Greetings max

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>   On each gate there will be a 12ohm carbon composition resistor to
dampen inductive ringing in the gates. Also each gate lead will be
threaded through a ferrite bead to prevent self-induced ocillations.<

The resistor is fine, but I'm not sure about the ferrite beads - you're
shorting the leads to reduce inductance but now with the bead
you are creating an inductor - it may be counter productive. 

I also have two schottky diodes 
0v->|---driver output---->|------12v
because I'm using a driver chip and I don't want ringing taking the
output negative or too high. 
I'm not sure about calculating the output -
You can calculate the switching losses and the snubber losses but
 I think most of the losses are in the output transformer - say 80%

Have fun

Alan Sharp (UK)