Re: Sync Rotary Gap Problems

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Subject: 	Re: Sync Rotary Gap Problems

No variac...this baby is running full-power all of the time straight from

One of the problems is the transformer only puts out 4KVAC, so my gaps are
only about 0.02in apart now.  There are too many thermo-mechanical
interactions and movement due to rubber bushings in the motor housing etc. to
move them any closer.  I started this rotary after a gap crash on the last

My last rotary was a 12/24VDC motor I was running with 2 car batteries in
series.  The gaps were arranged such that I was getting about 480bps max at
3600rpm, and the best sparks were at about 450bps.  It was impossible to get
it in sync, and I think it caused one of my transformer failures.  Even with
450bps, I still wasn't getting as long of sparks as stationary gaps.  The
1/8inch tungsten was melting in my stationary gaps though due to the high
power.  I figured the sync gap at 120bps would be better. It isn't.  It must
be time to go back to a higher bps rate.