For sale, Tesla coil videotapes

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I have a series of 19 VHS Tesla coil videotapes documenting my
work from 1992--present.  Topics covered are sync-gap TCs
(up to 65" sparks), tube TCs up to 36" sparks, pulsed coils,
(tube and disruptive), DC Tesla coils, magnifiers (tube and spark-gap
types), other gap types, quenching shown on scope, staccato 
techniques; tube, transistor, triac, scr, and mechanical control, many
other things.

Tape #
 1.   24" spark is acheived by pushing tubes to the max   9/92
 2.   Four tube TC gives 18" sparks, duty cycle control is discussed
 3.   Grid blocking methode gives "sputter mode" and higher efficiency,
       duty cycle control is tested, also staccato mode is tested.   5/93
 4.    A large vacuum tube magnifier is built and tested, gives 26"
        sparks   6/93
 5.    Coil expert visits, we visit a local coiler, large (3) 833A 
        VTTC is built, eventually gives 36" sparks   10/93
 6.    Tube coil is changed into a disruptive TC, gives 40" sparks using a
        12kV, 30ma neon tranny. X-ray tranny gives 44" sparks,  Pole 
         tranny gives 54" sparks.    2/94
 7.     Rotary gap is built and tested, 62" sparks are shown, Arc line
         meter is tested.   3/94
 8.     Arc line meter tests, vacuum quench gap is built, voltage is 
         increased to 15kV, 15kV, 60ma tranny gives 49" spark. 
         Disruptive magnifier is built and tested, gives 42" sparks.   5/94
 9.     Magnifier gives 80" sparks, IMPACT driver is built, but gives
         problems 7/94
 10.    IMPACT driver work continues, magnifier gives 36" sparks using
          12kV, 30ma neon tranny   10/94
 11.    Magnifier is changed to a classic TC and gives better results,
          induction motor is modified for synchronous operation, hamfest
          buys, etc.
 12.     Magnifier is run with sync-gap and other gaps, new series
           rotary is built, tested and compared  6/95
 13.     Various gap arrangements are tested, unequally spaced
           electrodes on sync-rotary, etc.    6/95
 14.     Classic TC is compared with magnifier, various quench tests,
           new staccato tube TC is tested    10/95
 15.     New large staccato tube TC gives 20" sparks, mechanical
           staccato is tested, DC power supply is built.    11/95
 16.     Mechanical stacato is tested, DC tube coil stores energy in
           staccato mode.   1/96
 17.     DC disruptive pulsed compound storage TC is tested, gives
           49" sparks using 170 watts, then 51" sparks using 230 watts,
           small tube TC is built,    4/96
 18.     26kV diode "butterfly" bridge rectifier is constructed, DC
           disruptive compound storage pulsed TC is tested, neon,
           potential trannies compared.  Tube TC tuning methods,
           Tube TC gives spark-length almost 4X the secondary coil
           length, tube TC is run at k = .5, tube magnifier with tuned
           secondary coil.
 19.     Vacuum tube magnifier with tuned secondary a la Lou Balint,
           spark-gap is replaced with a transistor to explore quench
           times,  new staccato control is tested, 12kV, 30ma neon
           tranny gives 42" sparks (disruptive), small disruptive demo
           coil is built, hamfest buys from Gaithersburg.   9/97
 All tapes are two hours long, except tape #1= 90 minutes, tape 
 #2 = 1 hour, tape #4 = 1 hour.  These shorter tapes are $15, all
 two hour tapes are $18, but volume discounts are available. The
 tapes also show other things, such as hamfest buys, photos, etc. 
 Prices include shipping by priority mail.

 Please contact me directly if interested.
 John Freau