Re: 116" sparks NO ROTOR

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>Subject: 	116" sparks NO ROTOR
>I got my 10" TC out Saturday evening Jan 3rd and set it up in the drive way
>with the help of a friend.  Maximum measured spark was 116" long with no


>I was surprised that the spark gap worked so well.  I have been thinking
>about building a rotor but now I am not sure I need one.  I noticed by
>adjusting the fan speed on the spark gap it mades a big difference on spark
>output.  I found with the variac set at about 75% I got the longest spark
>output. If I increase or decrease the variac by 5% the spark output would
>drop.  I got several 30 second runs with no over heating problems.

>Gary Weaver

>This was something we stressed here at the TCBOR in our first tapes back in
1989!  My first article for TCBA news stressed that the rotary was a vanity
toy for the new Teslaphile.  The rotary gap is not a rosetta stone to long
sparks or even good operation!  It is not even needed until over 5KW, though
it will often appear to improve the performance of a poorly thought out
system under 2KW!

Properly designed static gaps have been used by our group and others in K=.4
coupled magnifiers with no rotary up to 3KW!!

Too many rush to the rotary gap as a solution for early poor design.

Your coil sounds great, good luck with your fuutre efforts.

Richard Hull, TCBOR