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>Subject: 	For sale, Tesla coil videotapes
>I have a series of 19 VHS Tesla coil videotapes documenting my
>work from 1992--present.  Topics covered are sync-gap TCs
>(up to 65" sparks), tube TCs up to 36" sparks, pulsed coils,
>(tube and disruptive), DC Tesla coils, magnifiers (tube and spark-gap
>types), other gap types, quenching shown on scope, staccato 
>techniques; tube, transistor, triac, scr, and mechanical control, many
>other things.

> Prices include shipping by priority mail.
> Please contact me directly if interested.
> Regards,
> John Freau


 I have all of Johns tapes and recommend them to any tesla coiler.  He is
"the #1 source" for info on anything involving vacuum tube coiling.  It has
been his specialty since day one.

Richard Hull, TCBOR