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>John H. Couture wrote:
>>   Tesla in the CSNotes said he thought the gap across the transformer was
>> better than the cap across the transformer as you and Mr. Cox suggest. He
>> based this on the fact that the current from the cap did not have to go thru
>> the gap to get to the TC primary winding. However, he did not make
>> comparison tests to determine which method was preferable. Also, he did not
>> address the problem of the gap OPENING.
>Strange. In any configuration the three elements capacitor, gap, and primary
>inductor are in series. The difference is where the power transformer is.

  Antonio -

  Please refer to my reply to Greg Leyh.


>The capacitor alone is a good protection against overvoltage. It can't charge
>to more voltage than it had at the start of the cycle.

  But this wold not be true when the gap opens when voltage transients are

  John Couture