Capacitor and coil form questions (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 10:36:24 +0000
From: Steve Rodway <Legion-at-bigfoot-dot-com>
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
Subject: Capacitor and coil form questions

I've been trying to make a new capacitor (0.04uF at 11Kv rms), I've had
a few problems making a rolled cap (cant get the air out, so rapid
failure) and I hit upon this idea for a cap, any comments, will it work?

	Take an 8"x8"x12" glass fish tank, cut metals plates so that they are
suspended on the ledges at the top of the tank, and have a connecting
bolt running down each side connecting alternate plates. Fill the tank
with transformer oil. I have calculated that 85 plates, 2.5mm appart
should give he the desired capacitance.
	I think that this design has several advantages, the di-electric is
self healing, and it is easy to adjust capacitance and voltage. For me
these outway the difficulty of moving and setting up the capacitor

	Also I am about to make a new secondary, and I have both PVC and card
tubes available, which would give the lower losses?

			Thanks in advance

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