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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 22:55:33 +0500
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On Monday, January 05, 1998 3:24 PM Gregory R. Hunter
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> Transco makes their NSTs in "normal" power factor, and "high" power
> factor versions.  VA ratings are the same, but HPF transformers cost more. 
> What's the difference?  I've been running a Transco outdoor-type NST
> rated 15kv-at-30ma, "normal" power factor.  It seems to work fine. 

HI Greg, first you have to be aware hat there are several "power factors" 
and they mean totaly different things! First there is power factor as a 
rating of how much R.F. a dielectric absorbs and with that power factor 
smaller is better! The other power factor relates to the efficiency of 
an electrical device , which is the one you are talking about, and here
bigger is better! The only thing you will notice IF you measure for it is 
that with a NST with higher power factor you will get more of the wall 
socket energy transfered into secondary spark. The only way to properly 
compare to NSTs of differing power factor is to supply both with the same 
amount of power (adjusting with a current limiter such as a choke) and 
observe the secondary outputs. the NST with higher power factor will have 
either a higher voltage ouput or a higher current output or both.


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