Re: toroid shaped coil capacitance

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Sent: 	Wednesday, December 31, 1997 12:45 PM
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Subject: 	Re: toroid shaped coil capacitance

Greetings Distributed Capacitance Enthusiasts:
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>From: 	Haldun Karaca[SMTP:karaca-at-izmir.eng.deu.edu.tr]
<I am trying to realize a very high bandwidth Rogowski Coil s . Now I am trying
>to formulate and minimise toroid shaped Bobbin capacitance .
>Could you help me namely reccommend me literature that s aim is to
>formulate capacitance value of toroid inductances .
        I have seen no literature references to the distributed capacitance
of a toroidal geometry coil.  You may have to construct several coils and
measure the capacitance yourself using Howe's method (Radiotron Designer's
Handbook, 4th ed.).  You might be able to calculate it via integration by
examining the energy stored in the coil (one half C x V squared) (as in
Pulse Generators, volume 3 of the MIT Radiation Laboratory Series).
Medhurst's distributed capacitance papers, which apply to tesla coils, are
strictly for solenoidal geometries with one end of the coil earth grounded.
        There are some commercial vendors (Pearson) and a number of
university sites which might be able to help you out (do a search of the www).
Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.