Re: Capacitor Question?? (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 19:58:32 +0000
From: Erik Hennix <erik.hennix-at-swipnet.se>
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Subject: Re: Capacitor Question?? (fwd)

> [ side note: has anyone ever considered using heavy-duty aluminum foil
>   in place of the flashing?  I can get 18" wide foil. Allowing 2" of 
>   poly on either side of the plates gets you 12" of overlap, and a 
>   4" thick connection point at either end of the roll. as the foil
>   is not as stiff (1mil, vs 10mil) you can get a tighter roll, as well
>   as reducing the inductance of the cap itself. Comments?]
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In reply to your side note: I've used foil as plate material for a 
rolled cap, and will keep on doing so since it workes great. I use 
50mm pvc pipe as a roll form and 110mm pipe for the container. I 
recently finished a 0,02+ uF cap that when rolled up moderately tight 
fit perfectly (0,5cm clearance roll-container on both sides) in the 
above mentioned container.


Erik Hennix