Re: L & C measurements cheaply, how?

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Thanks for the tip on the Wavetek meter.  I also ordered one of these to
measure inductance and capacitance.  It may be a little late for Christmas
but it's just in time for a New Year's present.  At this price you can't go

Mike Hoffman


> Thanks Bert, but something a bit better came along! After recieving a few

> emails from people happy with their wavetek units, I called up Tech 
> America to ask them about specifics of the Wavetek 27XT.  They told me 
> what I wanted to know, and added that I could have it for $49.95.  
> $49.95!!!! It lists in their catalog for $114.95, but apparently they had

> a lesser model on sale for $49.95 and ran out of stock.  The 27XT is the 
> replacement sale item.  Talk about timing!
> -Adam 
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