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Subject: 	NEONS!!!!!CHOKES???

I recently had problems with one of my neons that I unpotted. My primary
was shorting and overheating. So I have decided to either replace the 
winding or rewire a new one. But inorder to wind a new one I need to 
know how many turns I need, wire gauge, and if it needs to be soaked 
in anything for insulation against breakdown. But on the other hand I
do have another tranny of the same specs the only difference is that
the core on the spare one is about5-10 laminates larger than the other
tranny. My question is, Is there a way to use this primary on the
smaller core or do I need to resort to others solutions.

I also need some vital information on chokes. What is the lowest
inductance I should use on a neon(feasible amount). Which do you use
millihenries or microhenries. By the way I am referring to air core
chokes, wound on pvc.

I would greatly appreciate any help on these matters. Thanks.......