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> >Got a bit of a crazy suggestion: When quoting prices, and determining
> >the 'rip-off' point, it may be wise to mention your geographic area.
> >I live in Southern California, and am used to paying a premium for
> >certain things - and getting a price break for others.
> >remember: Location * location * location *
> Very very true.  Especially true, it seems, for transformers.  When I
> lived in Syracuse, places would sell be neons for $15 30mA and $30 60mA,
> regardless of voltage.  Here in Boston, I find the shops much more
> reluctant to give up the goods, and those that will want $50 for a 30mA
> unit.  Other people on the list have paid $5-10 each for working units,
> some have paid over $100.  The absolute best price I could find in the
> 617/781/508 area codes was $45 each for 9kV 60mA units.  That's what I
> ended up paying for my latest transformers.
> -Adam
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My daughter is attending Syracuse Univ, and I visit her on occasion.
Would you please tell me where did you get transformers in Syracuse at
that great price?

I have bought scopes, square wave generators and function generators at
auctions for $10.00 to 60.00. some have needed repair, but if using the
tech manual and with some experienced help they were all repaired. Look
in your local paper for auctions with surplus electronic gear.

Good luck,