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Im a high school student and I really want to build a tesla coil for my 
science project.  I only have two weeks left and Im starting to panick.  
Ive been looking for detailed plans for quite a while, but had little 
success.  All the plans out there are vague and meant for experienced 
builders.  Anyway, I found a plan for a really wimpy solid state coil 
that uses 24v to power it, too wimpy for my tastes; but Im afraid Ill 
have to resort to those plans if I cant find others.  So what Im looking 
for is detailed instructions to build a simple coil with nonexotic parts 
and that  puts out some decent sparks.  For some reason I think Im 
asking too much, but I really hope some one can help....thank you for 
your time.

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>Subject: Re: Spark gap question - lurk apology (fwd)
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>From: Steve Roys <sroys-at-umaryland.edu>
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>Subject: Re: Spark gap question - lurk apology (fwd)
>> But for those of us that have a *explitive* of a time finding 
>> larger than 1" (mostly because I work on a shoestring budget), be
>> assured that it works just fine. I am pumping 720W
>> through a RQ style gap made with 1" pipe. You may want to consider
>> increasing the length of the segments to assist in quenching. 
>Check in your area for a metal salvage company.  I found some 2.5"
>diameter Cu pipe for scrap prices at the local recyclers.
>Steve Roys

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