Re: Temperature to melt NST tar (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Temperature to melt NST tar (fwd)

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> On 15 Jan, Tesla List wrote:
> > On a side note, it's been my experience that FranceFormer brand has been
> > statistically the ruggedest and least likely to fail of any of the
> > brands I've used for various purposes over the years- anyone else care
> > to put in their $0.02 worth?
> well.. mostly due to my own stupidity, I smoked a franceformer
> in less than 1 minute, yet the jefferson 12KV unit that I got used
> and beat-up, is still ticking just fine.
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Feedback I've gotten from some of the neon guys is that Franceformers
and Magnetek/Jeffersons seem to run more reliably, and Transco is pretty
poor. Looks (feels?) like there's more iron and copper in the
Franscformer unit than comparably-rated Jeffersons. Transcos seem to run
hotter, fail more often, and at least some of them use aluminum wire
instead of copper to save costs. I've got a 12 KV 60 MA Franceformer
that literally dwarfs a 15 KV 60 MA Transco (made in Hong Kong).
However, if you can get them cheaply (or better yet for free), use 'em!

-- Bert --