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Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 00:27:16 -0600
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> Subject: chokes
> I have two 3.5" OD ferrite chokes.  I got some RG 59 and stripped away the
> outside and wound the choke with the center wire.  I have as many turns as
> will fit and only come up with 1.078mH.  What should I do now?  Should I
> just go and used wire with thinner insulation so I can fit more turns?  I
> thought I needed the thick insulation though.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> choking in NY
> Kevin Wahila

Actually, if the chokes are used to protect the voltage source, the turn
to turn voltage is relatively low. A thinner insulation is quite
adequate. The problem comes in when you start to stack one layer on top
of another. The voltage differential could very well break down standard
insulations. The remedy is to insulate each layer with electrical tape
or some other type of insulator. In that way, you could even use varnish
covered magnet wire, provided the inter-layer insulation is adequate.

	Rick Holland

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