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>Just wondering what kind of cable should I use to connect a NST to the
>protection network, i.e. the chokes, bypass caps & SG?  I have a few metres
>of neon cable.  I'm guessing this is quite suitable for this purpose.

Yes, this is the ideal wire.  For those looking for HV insulated wire 
(15kV -40kV), you can:

     1.  Order it by the foot from a surplus house
     2.  Buy some from a neon supply shop.
     3.  Get some from junked TV sets or a TV repair place
     4.  Get spark plug wire, from an auto parts store.
They'll all work fine.  The neon stuff with the black flame retardant 
jacket over the polyethylene insulation is the safest bet, buy the TV and 
spark plug rubber-insulated wire have the advantage of being more 

>Also what kind of cable should I use to connect the Tesla tank components. 
>I presume there's quite a large current flowing through here and neon cable
>can't hack it.

That's an understatement.  100's of amps and 14 gauge wire are a bad 
match indeed.  I use 1" copper strap for my tank, recommended to me by 
Gary Lau, and it is a noticable improvement over the 8 gauge Monster car 
audio cable I was using previously.  The bigger your coil, the larger the 
tank wiring needs to be.  What size are you building?

>And finally what kind of wire should I use to wind the chokes?

For air core chokes, HV enamel covered is best.  Double Formvar wire that 
is used for secondaries is suitable.  I don't recommend air core chokes, 
since you need to make them huge to get the right value.  Small air cores 
tend to self-resonate due to the high inter-winding capacitance.  They 
are mini-TC's in their own right.

For ferrite and iron powder chokes, PVC jacketed hookup wire or stripped 
RG58 (50 ohm coax) are most common.  Of course you need to keep the clear 
plastic part of the RG58 :-).


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