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You're going to have horendous problems getting your electronics to
survive the spikes and HV being induced by your TC. A couple of hours
work with a large file and a vice really is easier. Also I have modified
three motors now and they all locked up synchronously. I got these
motors as scrap so I don't think its hard to find the right type.


Peter E.

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> Hello All,
> I've been reading the mail for some time regarding synchronous AC
> motors for RSGs.  Sounds like a lot of trouble to find the correct
> sort of motor, disassemble it, machine it correctly, etc.  I'm
> wondering if anyone has experimented with a phase-locked loop circuit
> to sync a RSG?  It seems like it would be a fairly easy matter to use
> a phase detector to phase lock a motor with respect to the AC mains
> cycle.  An electronic approach would offer certain advantages, such
> as a much wider selection of motor types to choose from, greater
> flexibility in contact geometry, and no disassembly & machine work on
> motor armatures.  I'm roughing out circuit ideas with pencil and
> paper while I wait out the endless English Winter.  If anyone has a
> schematic or even a good idea for a circuit, I'd love to see/hear it.
> Happy New Year.
> Greg
> Bored in gloomy East Anglia