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>    I've got a 16Kw pole pig, and I'm looking for a variac to control it at full
>power (64A, 240V) anyone got any ideas where I could get one? (In the UK).
>                                        Thanks
>                                            Steve Rodway
If money isn't  problem, a company called Service Trading in Chiswick
(0181 995 1560) do a 10KVA (45A) variac for #300 - you could gang a
couple of these in parallel, on a common shaft or with bike sprocket
Another possibility might be to wind a tapped autotransformer, so you
adjust power by tap changing. Maybe you could cannibalise a big welder
- remove the secondary and add taps to the primary.
Another possibility might be to use a quantity of low-voltage mains
transformers, say, 12v battery starter/charger transformers with
primaries in parallel and secondaries in series, providing several
I doubt any solution will be cheap, as the metal alone in any
'surplus' solution will have a significant scrap value!

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