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 I too built a RQ gap and it works wonders for me.  About the adjusting,
 well wait til you start cleaning it and readjusting it.  For me, after
 about a week of usage, the copper pipes start to get black tracks up and
 down the sides where it is sparking.  After a while, I need to turn up my
 variac to about 30% before any sparks fly.  The more the compper corrodes,
 the higher the initial voltage must be.  In order to get better output, the
 gap must be taken apart and cleaned.  Besides the fact that this is a great
 spark gap, I really hate having to take it apart and clean it and then
 readjust it.  With the gap spacings so small, it would be quite hard to
 slip some sand paper in there without disassembling it.  Just my thoughts....

I also built two of these gaps about two years ago.  I use one on each of my
coils.  They probably have several hours of run time on them and I have never
needed to clean them.  I can see a bluish discoloration up and down the length
of the pipes at their closest point (at the gaps) but have never seen any
buildup of oxide or other material.  My gaps are built with 7 sections of 2.5"
diameter copper water pipe, each about 4" long.  They are each held in place
with two 1/4" brass bolts and are also epoxied in place.  The gaps are .028 to
.030".  There is a muffin fan mounted in a removable plastic end cap on top,
with legs on the bottom to provide adequate venting.  I think it would be easy
to clean the copper pipes with steel wool if needed.  I sure would not want to
have to take them apart.

Ed Sonderman