Desktop Coil ground? (fwd)

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> What is a problem is how to ground the beast.
>> The instructor is not allowed to do little things like pound 8ft rods
>> into the ground outside the class.


>I would recommend a counter-poise. This would be a fair sized area of
>metal (say steel sheet or chicken wire) on the floor a short distance
>from the coil. This would act like a ground in that it would dissipate
>the current rapidly over a large area. I have also read of a
>"star-burst" type of arrangement with a central connection point from
>which many wires or rods radiate in a full 360 degrees. This would also
>be a flat arrangement that lies on the floor. Either should be adequate
>for a small coil.

I've used a small two drawer fileing cabinet as a couner-poise and stand
for a 'desk top' unit.

Don't connect the cabinet to earth ground, just the supply transformers.

Worked fine, and I didn't blow anything up connected to the same circuit.

Just make sure that none of the primary side stuff is connected to the
cabinet !

Counter-poise quality seems related to surface area, and a fileing cabinet
has lots of that...