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>> 5 mR/hour scale, but doesn't do anything observable on the 50 mR/hr
>>  scale.  I even took the unit out of the case and held the source 
>>  against the second counter tube, with almost nil results.  Any comment?
>>  I've misplaced Jim's address of I would send this to him.
>>  Ed
>to all who got counters. the 5979 probe tube operates only the .5 and5mr
>scales. the higher scales are operated by the 5980 tube inside the case, so it
>only responds to rays that make it through the front of the case. 
>jim heagy
I have used this type Radiacimeter for years.  It is a brute and performs
well.  The higher ranges are for gamma rays and thermonuclear conflicts only.

Richard Hull