Richard Hull's nemesis

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>>Just read that supposedly, I "have" the primary of Richard Hull's
>>Nemesis coil.  This certainly is NOT true!  I don't have anything of
>>Richard's, save for a few of his excellent Tesla video tapes!  I
>>wonder where Jeff Corr heard that rumor?  To borrow a famous
>>line with (a little) literary license, "Reports of my demise are
>>greatly exaggerated!"
>I certainly didn't hear the rumor, I was just wondering where they
>did go?
>Jeff Corr

The reports of Nemesis demise are absolutely true!!

Actually Nemesis was dismantled to make way for advanced magnifier work in
1994.  It was in storage until the last Teslathon here when it was sold to
my good Tesla Buddy Bill Emory of Texas.  He and Bert Pool have attended the
last two years in a row.  They are quite a team and are probably the best
magnifier heads and most intense experimenters I know!

If any one other than Bill has Nemesis' primary, they bought, traded or
stole it from Bill Emory!

Richard Hull, TCBOR